Sennheiser XSW-D VOCAL SET W XS1 Dynamic Microphone

Devices can be charged during operation and breaks. License free 2. 4 ghz is available world-wide. Light weight plugs can be hidden & stored easily. Total battery time 5 hours. Automatic channel allocation & interference management. Vocal set with 1 xs1 cardioid dynamic mic, 1 xsw-d xlr female tx, 1 xsw-d xlr male rx, 1 mic clamp and 1 USB charging cable Sets are pre-paired and all accessories for a quick start are included.

1 hour charging to reach 50% battery time.

Single - XLR Male to XLR Female Black Microphone Cables - 25' Balanced Mic Snake Cord - GLS Audio 25 foot Mic Cable Patch Cords

These cables have dual insulated copper conductors plus they are shielded. High grade 21g dual Copper Conductors & Shield. They have a double strain relief on each end internal Tri-GripTM and external rubber booty. Heavy duty Flexible Rubber Jacket. Professional Series Noise Free Mic Cables. Tri-griptm & rubber Booty Strain Relief.

True balanced Lo-Z Shielded Cable. As you can see in the above picture, the female locking end has a rubber grommet. This allows the cable to snap into place without being loose and sloppy like most other cables you may find. High quality Noise Free Performance. They are hand wired & hand soldered and have high quality metal ends.

They are heavy duty noise free "True Balanced LO-Z" and have 3 pin XLR connectors on each end. They have a thick, high quality, flexible rubber jacket.

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XLR Female to Female, CableCreation 5-PACK XLR 3 Pin Female to 3 Pin Female Microphone Line Adapter

Heavy duty Flexible Rubber Jacket. Cablecreation is not only a Brand But Also a Creative Team With Own Factory manufacturing. Cablecreation focus to the Ideal Design of All of Our Quality Cables. Tri-griptm & rubber Booty Strain Relief. Cablecreation is confident to Offer All Buyers with Items Life Time Warranty.

Easy to assemble, protective Shielding for low RF and EMI noise. High quality Noise Free Performance. True balanced Lo-Z Shielded Cable. High grade 21g dual Copper Conductors & Shield. Package include: 5 x XLR Female to Female connector. Designed to change an XLR output into an XLR input. The housing for high strength zinc alloy die-casting nickel plating, attractive and durable.

Professional series XLR Plugs, Compact design with sturdy diecast shell.

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